Pastors & Youth Directors

Engage your students.

Summer Games will help solve the summer lull and excite your students as they learn how to own their faith!
Use the info & resources below to help your church have the best Summer Games experience. 

Why choose Summer Games?

The biggest reason: students engage in their faith and come back to their churches and youth group on fire & ready to dive deeper. 

Our prayer is that Summer Games brings students to Christ and that it helps solve the ‘summer lull’ for churches across the country. 

Each year, we plan relevant worship, meaningful messages, and incredible huddle times that will help your students take real ownership of their faith walk.  

Everything points to Jesus

Our whole purpose is to point students to Jesus. Our worship, curriculum, and huddle times all point students to Christ. 

Relevant worship

Each segment is designed to help tell the story of God through Jesus. Worship music will be led by our Summer Games band with relevant, engaging worship music. 

Meaningful messages

Preachers will have messages that speak to what our students experience daily and point to Jesus. 

Incredible huddles

Each student will be assigned a huddle that helps them dig deeper in scripture, take ownership of their faith, and explore their faith. 

Pastors bringing 4+ students attend at no cost. Contact us to register as a pastor.


Find resources for your church to get students registered, promote Summer Games, how to get support, & more. 

A discount for
first-time churches.

Churches sending campers for the very first time get a unique promo code for a $60 discount on each camper registered.

That custom code is good for Summer Games 2022 and specific to your church. 

Email: to get yours set up. 

Your church can pay for students.

Each church supports their students’ camp expenses differently. Some churches help students fundraise, others pay for a flat amount of each camper’s fee. While others only pay for campers in need. 

No matter how your churches support your campers, we’re here to help. 

Email: to get set up. 

Pastors can
participate, too!

Pastors and Youth Directors can come to Summer Games and participate. Churches with 4+ students attending can send a pastor or youth director at no cost. 

You can expect to participate in worship services & help out with one of the many jobs that come up during camp. 

Email: to get signed up! 

Images, brochures
& more!

We’re building a library of resources for you to share with students, leaders, parents, and more. 

This resource library is found on Google Drive. You can access & download resources here without an account. 

Need something specific? Email: and we can help!